Submit two sets of plans, specification & plot plan with the following information


1)      FOOTING

A)    Size (width & depth).

            B) Depth below grade.

            C) Compressive strength of concrete.

            D) Reinforcement if necessary  (size & location).



A)    Size (width, depth)

B)    Height

C)    Material type (block, concrete, & compressive strength of concrete etc.)

D)   Specifications

E)    Method of damp proofing

F)     Anchor bolts (size & location).


3)      FRAMING

A)    Type (wood, species, block, etc.)

B)    Size, spacing and grade of the following: sill plate, joist, walls, beams/girders, roof joist or trusses, headers, plywood or other sheathing, stairways, handrails and guardrails.


4)      EXTERIOR

A)    Type of exterior (siding, brick etc.)

B)    Roofing material, type and location of venting


5)      INTERIOR

A)    Identification of each area (kitchen, bedrooms etc.)

B)    Dimensions of all areas

C)    Height of ceilings

D)   Type of finish on walls & floors

E)    Type of Smoke detectors & location

F)     Windows, doors-size, type and egress window location 

G)   Plumbing, (D. W. V. design), ventilation

H)   Fire separation between garage and residence, firestopping/draftstopping between floors & between floor and roof, fireplace & chimney.

I)      Type of insulation materials (include R-factor), walls, floors, ceilings. Use to meet energy codes. For commercial buildings use or metcheck/

J)      U-factor for all windows, doors, etc.

K)   Mechanical installation, type of unit & energy efficiency.