Lyons Borough Municipal Authority

316 S. Kemp Street - P.O. Box 131

Lyon Station, PA 19536-0131

Phone 610-682-0305          Fax 610-682-0319

Lyons Borough Municipal Authority Board

Kevin Schade, Chairman
Allen Leiby, Vice Chairman
Bonnie Moyer, Secretary/Treasurer
David Abel, Board Member

Brian Boland, Solicitor - Kozloff-Stoudt, P.C.
Natalie O'Connor, Engineer - Entech Engineering, Inc.
 Fees           Effective June 13, 2005 Water Sewer
 Tap-in Fees    $2,500.00 $3,300.00


 Connection Fee - actual cost for labor and materials plus 5%

 Customer Facilities Fee - $200.00 for all meter sizes

 Extra Meters - Actual cost plus $75.00 administrative fee

 Late Payment Fee (as of 12/14/15) - 3.3% penalty to any balance 30 or more days overdue

 Delinquent Water Service Turn-off $50.00; Turn-on $50.00

 Settlement Notice Charge - $25.00

Returned Check Fee - $25.00

 Construction Temporary Service - Actual cost of installation plus usage charges for water and sewer



  Lyons Borough Municipal Authority Annual Water Quality Reports

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Payments can be made during regular business hours at the

Fleetwood Bank  - any branch

Or mailed to

Lyons Borough Municipal Authority
c/o Fleetwood Bank

PO Box 59
Fleetwood, PA 19522




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